Past Projects

Some of the products that we have supplied in Malaysia and within this region are listed below :

Bernoulli FiltersHorganas BrazingIncoil Induction HeatingSanhe Tongfei Refrigeration CoNuova Simat
For turbine casing and valves bolting operations, which saves up to the 80% of time with respect to traditional methods (such as electrical resistances, open flames etc.) operating in total safety! Our systems can be used on many other applications such as shrink fittings (up to big diameters), pre/post welding treatments etc.PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS (flange facing, drilling, tapping boring, pipe-cutting, milling, turning machines etc.) to operate directly on-site, instead of dismounting a piece and bringing it in a workshop: thus saving lots of time and money!
BOLTING TOOLS (such as torque wrenches, multipliers, power packs, tensioners, pumps, cylinders etc.) serving many industry sectors!

Feel free to ask further for more detailed information regarding any product or service on site. VIRTUAL DEMONSTRATIONS and remote TRAINING sessions are available.