Höganäs is the world leading manufacturer of metal powders for powder metallurgy. By utilizing the endless opportunities of our metal powders, we inspire industry to make more with less. The applications of metal powders seem almost endless. Today, our metal powders are used in areas as diverse as brazing, pressing & sintering, surface coating, additive manufacturing, welding, friction and many others.

Metal powders are used in thousands of applications – products and solutions that are part of our everyday lives. When used in the industrial sector, they enable life-cycle optimized component design, energy and resource efficient production, reduced need for final product maintenance and ease of recycling.

As a company, Höganäs makes a difference through our metal powder solutions and know-how. We believe that metal powders can and should be used in industry to a much larger extend than today and that they can contribute to sustainable growth. That is why our vision is “Inspire industry to make more with less”.

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