Incoil Induction


Incoil Induction AB is an all-Swedish company with its own developed Mobile Induction Heater, from 10 kW up to 80 kW.
Highly advanced flexible controller structure which in many cases replaces the external control unit. From Simulation of heating process, customization, manufacturing to complete solutions for induction heating.

Induction Heating Application:-

  1. Brazing – all kind of conductive material i.e. magnetic or non-magnetic material from carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminium with the correct brazing filler, flux and method in flat bar or tube form.
  2. Pre-Heating, Post Heating and Heat Treatment.
  3. Shrink Fittings for thrust collar, coupling hub, bearing, locking ring, Heli gear, sprocket, shaft, valve seat and many more to replace conventional heating method i.e. from gas troch to induction heating without flame / fire.
  4. Hardening and tempering for automotive parts or power tools drill bits i.e. small size to big size for mass production.
  5. HVAC – brazing copper tube with custom solution i.e. joining copper to copper. Copper to steel and copper to aluminium.
  6. Smelting application.
  7. Bolt heating for power plant steam turbine bolts, main steam valve bolts for safety, accurate and cost effective.

Induction Brazing Application

Induction Annealing Application

Induction Bolt Heating for steam turbine and main steam valve

Induction Brazing for transformer winding